This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a bottle of MMS with the premixed activator.

MMS Wholesale

This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a 20 bottle kit of MMS with the activator.

MMS 20 Pack

This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a 20 bottle kit of MMS without the activator.

Miracle Mineral Supplement (Jim Humble Miracle Mineral Solution) Product Recall Notice

Miracle Mineral Solution Recall

I received this email today from PGL International, a distributor of MMS.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement Product Recall Notice has been put into effect.

I don’t know if this is temporary, or if this will be permanent, I do know that Jim has suspected for a long time that this was coming:

Dear Customer,

You are receiving this email because our records indicate you may have purchased a product called “MMS” from our company at some time in the past.

Following discussion with FDA officials, Project GreenLife is effecting an immediate voluntary recall of its sodium chlorite solution product labeled “MMS Professional – Miracle Mineral Solution – Premium Water Purification Drops”.

Questions and answers on voluntary recall of Project GreenLife’s sodium chlorite product:

Q. What products are affected by this recall?

A. Sodium chlorite solution, labeled as “MMS Professional – Miracle Mineral Solution – Premium Water Purification Drops” distributed by PGL International, LLC.  This product comes in a 4 oz green plastic bottle.  This recall is for all lot numbers.

Q. Why was this product recalled?

A. PGL International, LLC is initiating this voluntary recall because of safety concerns raised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in regards to chlorine dioxide.  As a precautionary measure, the company is recalling all sodium chlorite product, effective August 13, 2010.

Q. What should I do if I resell or have ever resold this product?

A. Quit selling this product and inform anyone you have sold this product to in the past by sending them a copy of this recall communication.

Q. What should I do if I have some of this product?

A. The FDA recommends that consumers stop using this product.  Further distribution or use of any remaining product should cease immediately.  If you have any unused product, you may seal the container and return it to the address provided below.  Shipping account information will be provided upon request.  PGL will work with all customers to make them whole.

PGL International, LLC
2533 N Carson St Ste 1991
Carson City, NV 89706
Project Greenlife

MMS is back!


  1. Jeff Ford says:

    Can you tell me what is really going on? I have been using the product for several months, and found nothing wrong. In fact, I feel it has helped kill my candida. I need to hear some more info about this FDA action.

    Please respond to my email.

  2. Hello,

    I received an email from PGL about the MMS products yesterday. I have purchased this product few months ago but I stopped using it because it was making feeling sick and i hated the bad taste. Is it true that this product is harmful to us?

    • Correction—it was causing me to feel sick

      • Well, I don’t know. There are thousands of people that have used MMS with nothing but the desired results. I guess you would have to ask yourself if you believe the FDA.

        Has the FDA ever been wrong about a product?
        Has the FDA ever been politically motivated?
        Has the FDA ever destroyed a company, and then later been proven wrong?

        Like I said, the “common sense rule” applies here, don’t you think?

        Do not post comments asking me for medical advice.

      • Chris,
        don’t believe the FDA, they are protecting big pharma b/c money talks. Read Jim Humbles response to what is happening.
        Personally, I have been using MMS for a year now, taking it several times a day. Yes, at the beginning it made me feel sick, nauseous, but if you go by Jim’s instructions this is not the case. Anyhow, I am still using it several times a day, (20 drops!) and dont’ get sick any more, but have gotten rid of osteoarthritis, migraine headaches. Also use it topically on my skin and get rid of skin blemishes and basal cell carcinoma. As I am writing, I want to tell you that I have never felt better and more vigorous – so what more can I say…. refer to admin’s response to you and ask yourself what is going on here

  3. This is what the FDA says about MMS.

    Here are a couple tidbits from the warning incase you don’t feel like clicking the link.

    FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “MMS.” The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.

    The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment.

    Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away. The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

    Here is what OSHA has to say about chlorine dioxide

    Now I know this is coming from the government and I’m sure I’m going to get many of you are going to say that you can’t trust the government, but the FDA is staffed by a lot of good highly trained scientists that really understand these issues. These are the same people responsible for the E coli spinach and tomatoes recalls. If you would trust them to test the safety of your fruits and vegetables then why not about dangerous chemicals? If you’re going to stick with the evils of the government argument then you should stand by your convictions and eat the tainted food that the FDA tries to recall as well. And before you dismiss the data in favor of the big pharma conspiracy know this. The US lost more in yearly GNP in the recent E coli and Salmonella recalls then it made in prescription sales by any stretch of the imagination. So why would they lie about MMS to save money and not the E coli exposure?

    • Yeah, right. That’s why one week ephedrine is banned, and the next week it’s cool. Because they all have our best interests at heart, and they never make any decisions based on money. How can something be BANNED as absolutely unhealthy and dangerous, and a few months later, very quietly, oh sorry, guess it really doesn’t hurt anything. Meanwhile the whole industry is destroyed.

      The most dangerous person is the one who thinks he’s smart because he’s educated. Give someone a PHD, but teach them the sky is green, and they’ll believe it, teach it, and worse, call you stupid for telling them they’re wrong. Pretty soon everyone who says the sky is really blue is not only stupid, but a nut. Crazy.

    • MMS_saved_my_life says:

      The US lost more in yearly GNP in the recent E coli and Salmonella recalls then it made in prescription sales by any stretch of the imagination. So why would they lie about MMS to save money and not the E coli exposure?

      I find this HARD to believe. Where is your source for this statement? Are you including all of the fees that the insurance companies pay for prescription meds as well? Prescription meds , I can GUARANTEE you , are probably double or even triple the GNP lost during that alleged outbreak of ecoli and salmonella. Yes I said ALLEGED. MMS and sodium chlorite are perfectly safe and extremely beneficial for human consumption. Sodium chlorite has been used in food processing factories for 50 years or more to clean the equipment from bacteria, so if its ok to use on equipment that is used to process food for human consumption, how come its not ok to use when it dips into the pockets of the Pharmacuticle companies? The FDA is full of shit and anybody with half a brain knows it. Furthermore, those “GOOD” honest people you know who work for the FDA should seriously consider changing employers because as long as they work for them they are just as corrupt and guilty as they are.

  4. Homeworld says:

    Who the heck says that the FDA is trusted to maintain the safety of your
    “fruits and vegetables”? Trusted by who, exactly? The “sheeple”? These are the same “paid enforcers” that approved
    aspartame..bovine rGBH..and GMO’s in your food…without ANY independent
    testing. Hey, Monsanto says it’s “cool”..and that’s good enough for the FDA.

    Dozens of “FDA approved” drugs have been [eventually] recalled after the
    dead body piles get too high to hide. After repeated attempts to stop the use of
    colloidal silver..because it’s “dangerous”…and failing..I reckon the FDA needs a
    new target of opportunity. MMS has chlorine in it…somewhere. That sounds
    pretty scary. [What next? outlaw table salt?…oh yeah..they are working on that too.]

  5. We can go back and forth here all day discussing the merits of the FDA and its successes and failures, but that’s not what this topic is about. What this topic is about is the dangers of MMS. Yes it has chlorine in it but that’s not what makes it dangerous. As you put it so does table salt what MMS does that table salt doesn’t is that MMS when combined with citric acid, as it is recommended in the use instructions, it forms chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide a highly toxic and corrosive chemical used to kill things and when it enters your body it doesn’t know what is you and what is not. It just starts killing.

    When table salt is mixed with citric acid you get a nice base for salad dressing used to make lettuce tasty. The different chemicals that bind with the chlorine cause it to react differently when exposed to acids. Of course by your logic it’s ok to drink hydrochloric acid after all it’s just hydrogen and chlorine both of which is in salt water, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  6. “Chlorine dioxide a highly toxic and corrosive chemical used to kill things and when it enters your body it doesn’t know what is you and what is not. It just starts killing.”

    So are the chlorine and fluoride in all our drinking water. Fluoride is just poison, but the FDA says it is fine. Somehow this smells. Too many people have been helped by MMS.

  7. Dear Thom,

    Did you read the Book1, Book2, or hundrents of review and stories of people who got cured? did you actually study the formula, dosages and how they work in our body? it is all there, it front of you, just read it! i am taking mms myself and starting to heal others, and oh my, i am so thankful to Jim for this discovery! I am studing Natural Herbal Medicine, and guess what, most of herbal formulas that was used for thousands of years by different asian herbal systems are not approved by FDA… this herbs and their combinations (and some of them are very powerful) can cure most of chronic diseases, leaving no ANY side effects. and because of no FDA approval it is impossiable legally to treat people in America as well as Europe… it is so sad, that millions of people are blinded by western medical system and had no ideas that they can be free from their illnesses quite quickly and forever. it is sad, that the most western doctors know only names of the drugs and for what they are, but have very basic ideas of what kind of food and nutritions you need to take during and after your disease to make your body help to fight disease and become strong and completely healthy after it is gone. and it is sad, that the knowledge that was collected for thousands of years through real experience and wisdom now are throwen away like it is something mystical, non-effective and unknowen. it is just sad that people are so blinded, that they believe each and every word that someone, with a word Doctor or Scientist infront of his or her name, says to be true without even checking. how can you believe in somebody who you dont know or even without any information about who he or she is? how can you believe in something without analizing it? it is just stupid! blind trust… i am not telling that western medicine and science is all bullshit and blah blah blah, no it is just believing without analizing… i dont understand this… western knowledge are great, and far more greater than most of people think, as well as people`s greed and basic ignorance. we just dont know how or want to use this knowledge in the right way. western medicine saved so many lifes, as well as killed so many… if only even a little wisdom in union with compassion would be applied to this great knowledge it would be SO benefitial!
    i studied MMS a lot and am taking it by myself, was lucky to have the time when i started some health issues, and now i can confidently say it does works and works good. and it is not just blind believe, it is believe that comes from theoretical knowledge and practical experience…

  8. Actually I have read a lot of anecdotal evidence going both ways, good and bad. I have not read any of the books however. So fair enough. I’m going on a camping trip with my family this weekend I’ll download book 1 onto my iPhone and take it with me.

  9. thia jones says:

    I don’t think PGL is selling MMS anymore. Can anyone recommend an integrity based company so I can purchase this product.
    Note, the F.D.A. recall reassures me that this product must be good.

    • go on Jim Humbles Website and you’ll get directed – I just bought some bottles from “H20 Air Water Americas”, phone 816.682.6425, fax 660.584.5804
      All the Best

  10. Hey, this FDA action on sodium chlorite solution crosses the line into ridiculous. I have used lots of patent medicines and perscription medicines — and all manner of generally available grocery store remedy products. I even have washed my hands with homemade lye soap — and even gasoline on occasions. Where was the FDA when the old-timers were using coal oil and gunpowder to treat snake bites? A few drops of coal oil smeared on the area of the spine below the neck won’t cure a cough, but a few drops in the bath water will kill any number of seed ticks a kid might bring home from a picnic. Any substance known to man will kill you if you abuse it. (Just try injecting homemade biscuits into your bloodstream with an FDA-approved medical syringe ) I have seen MMS to be effective and harmless when used as directed. Possible side effects are stated up front as to dosage, and none of those side-effects come close to the scary dangers of some FDA-approved medications advertised on TV for all to see and hear. I used MMS just a few days back to cure a belly ache after I ate some bad ice cream which had been returned to the freezer too many times. I have used MMS many times to cure a cold or ear infection. I have more faith in MMS than I do the FDA.

  11. We can go back and forth with arguments, however, many of us agree that MMS has helped when we took it for whatever diesease. What we must do now is support Jim Humble in his plea to support him in his legal case with the FDA. So, if you feel like me and have had good results with MMS and want to be able to purchase it, you must now send a donation to Jim Humble. Because if he looses this case then the FDA will have all it needs to go pull any other alternative herbal products off the shelves.
    Help us all!

  12. PGL Donation Site to help fund their defense

    Also a very thought provoking interview of the lawyer
    Read Dr. Mary Ruwart’s article on the matter here:

  13. The Black Dragon says:

    Don’t believe anythign the FDA says about MMS, actually don’t believe anything the FDA says about anything! I got a nasty lung infection two years ago and spent 6 months on inhalers and 4 separate prescriptions of what my doctor said were the most powerful antibiotics in the world Myofloxin and Doxycycline.

    I actually got worse over time and my Doctor recemended hospitalization when I read about MMS and gave it a try. Within 3 days I was 100% cured and my lungs have never been so clear. I was a smoker since I was a teen and always had a lingering cough and some difficulty breathing but, in 3 days I was completely healthy and that was the kick in the butt I needed to quit smoking.

    The FDA wants draconian control of your food and medicine and it is filled with Nazi’s who promote big food, big pharma and big medicine, as there is much more money to be made treating people than curing people.. Watch the Beautiful Truth, Food Inc, Food Matters, Healing cancer from the inside out and a new film that will rock your world “Burzinski the Movie”. A Doctor in Houston named Stanislaw Burzinski developed a cure for almost all cancers in the later 70’s and he has been sued by the FDA 14 times. He has been acquitted of all the FDA’s trumped up charges every time and has survived by the enthusiasm and generosity of the people he cured directly in his office.

    The FDA is lying to you about everything!!!

    Also check out Gerson Therapy at you can cure yourself of cancer and other diseases by getting the right nutririon and detoxifying your body of the chemicals in our air, water, food and envoironment. Dare to seek the truth!!!

    • to the black dragon i took mms 2 drops a day for 2 days i noticed my lungs started hurting. i went to the dr and he told me i had bronchitis. i didnt tell him i took mms. i dont know if the mms caused this reaction or could this have been before the mms. i have been reading that chlorine dioxide can cause irratation to the lungs and permanent damage.i have been a smoker for some time now and always wake up with so flem in mornings similar to your situation but have not been smoking 4 about 3 weeks what regime did you use and would you recomend to keep tacking mms please help thx

      • Black Dragon says:

        I smoked for many years and then when I got sick, I got really sick!!! Like the book recommends, I started at three drops of MMS with the appropriate amount of activator, four hours later I felt nothing so I went to five drops plus activator, then fours hours later 7 drops plus right amount of activator. With that dose I then felt nauseous and knew it was working. The next day I used 10 drops the activator and was immediately feeling “green”, about 12 hours later I took another 10 drop dose and went to bed. The next day I took 12 drops in the morning and 12 later that night before bed. One fourth day I was completely cured after 4 months on antibiotics and I felt great. I recommend reading book one and it will help you to understand the protocol and how it works.

        The science on MMS is sound and after recommending it to friends and family members, who also cured themselves of various illnesses, flu’s and infections,
        I will say it works better than the pills and potions recommended by the people in white coats.

  14. the FDA’s are wicked people they don’t have any heart they are corrupt and speak loftily they set their mouth against the heaven and their tongue walketh through the earth….. it is so obvious that the FDA only care for money from the day i was born until now i never heard of anyone being cure from using drugs they only get new problems when they take the drugs “FDA mean fools die away” because they take all the world for nothing but a big bunch of fools who only take drugs which don’t works ………people are always complaining about this drug…some get confused, some kill them selves when they hear that there isn’t any cure for their disease, some lost love one’s, some spent out their lives saving money on drugs and still don’t get cure, some wish they didn’t born and believe me no one knows what the FDA is thinking…………this time they are there having a discussion on how to completely get rid of this life saving MMS……..This time they are there laughing and saying look at the whole world of IDIOTS that are buying my drugs haha and they will never get cure huraa more money for me………and the poor people are there crying, suffering, weeping…………..the ESSENCE OF WHAT I AM SAYING HERE IS THAT THE (“FDA”) CANT BE TRUSTED………..AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE I CAN’T MAKE YOU BELIEVE……….I speak from my heart i see too much suffering……………….

  15. I took MMS with our 82 year old family friend who had a 7cm tumour in his oesophagus. He could only eat mushy food when he came out of hospital and came to stay with me(the doctors wouldn’t operate because of his age). It took approx. 1.5 months on the MMS before he was well and when I took him back to his home in the country he was eating a big plate of veges and steak without any problem. He is well to this day (8 months later) and very happy to be alive. There is no problem with MMS – just follow the instructions.

  16. Pietro G. Crivelli says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am very surprised to hear that F.d.a has recalled the MMS. I have been using it for curing
    a type of reumatic fever, Tiger-mosquito borne, from the same family of the Chikun Gunya/Dangue fever and it has prooved excellent results, in a very short period of time.
    Nothing else has worked and tha Alopathic medicine does not know a cure for this disease that is actually working. MMS did cure me.
    It’s unfair that someone takes this product out of the market……….
    It’s working and it hapls many people to get cured from similar diseases…..

  17. People, FDA and your precious government and most of the doctors DO HARM us.
    GM foods, fluoride in our water, dangerous chemicals in perfumes and cosmetics, and so on. Do more researches and you’ll see. So if you trust (with medicine or something that actually helps people) FDA – you are so screwed.
    there are too much of good info out there, do your search.

    P.S. colloidal silver/silver water, oxygen peroxide, urine therapy, seaweed, and of course much more that helps…. + organic/none GM products.

    good luck to all of us, peace

  18. FDA Warning out October 2010:

    PGL Now has FDA posters for sale with a free bottle of MMS!

    FDA Poster

  19. Burzynski Movie – finally more publicity exposing the FDA!

    The movie’s main site:

    Trailer #1

    Trailer #2

    14 minute clip

  20. i love mms and jim humble and all of us.
    so, i ordered 100 pounds of sodium chlorite for our private use only.
    a couple weeks ago, fema’s at my door wanting to know about what we use it for………
    ‘s stressful.
    ridiculous, like marijuana “codes-not laws”
    like so much else…just ridiculous.
    thanks, sorry i’m discouraged,pls forgive my not being unyielding, i love you.m

  21. I have lost my instructions for taking MMS and wondered if I take it before food, with food, or after food? I know how to mix it but have forgotten when I am suppose to take it in relationship to food.

  22. Who in their right mind trust FDA??? Food and Drug Nazi…

  23. HORUS-HERU says:


  24. Does anyone know if MMS is effective in treating Urinary Tract Infections? I am a chronic sufferer of UTI’s … just wondering if anyone with similar problems has had success with MMS?

  25. I used a mineral supplement some years ago that I found to be similar to MMS: a blend containing hydroxygen sulphate, amino acid blend, enzyme blend ionic trace elements and other.

    Similar in the manner of the potent result if taken too many drops too soon, – which caused the same symptoms such as nausea and flu-like symptoms. I think the company had to change their ways because of the, – you guessed it, – the Feds, I was on a auto ship plan for a 1 oz 30 day dosage which was quite a lot more expensive than MMS so I let it go away when their FDA troubles began.

    I know from taken this product in the past that, Jim Humble’s MMS is going to be a far greater healer and preventive than anything I will ever see in my life and I’m excited about it. Starting it now.for a knee inflammation and pain since December 26 during the Christmas blizzard in the nor’east. I will post results.

  26. Phoenix says:

    On June 28, 2011, the FDA once again raided one of the largest suppliers of MMS. They confiscated all the supplies & equipment and computers from the office and the home of the owner, and froze their bank accounts. This is devastating. The FDA is back at war with MMS.
    Organizing to protest and testify may be our only hope before MMS is either outlawed or all companies are bullied into MMS not being sold in the US.
    I am not allowed to say more on the details yet. More info to come.

  27. Phoenix says:
  28. William Tracey says:

    I did not have a very good expierence with MMS,I gather it has merit,but I also ran across situations that it did not do well on some people and I am one of them,I had to stop a year and a half ago,and I have been very sick since,on my checking around,I ran across Naturopaths that wont use it,one group claims it is not for everyone,I amnot downing anyone on it, I hope it has helped,but all I know is I am worse then when I started.

  29. David Smelser says:

    I have my doubts that MMS should be taken as a supplement every day. I do however think is is an amazing tool to use when you have some problem. I hope Jim Humble reads this because I know he is trying to find a way to get it deeper into the tissues. I have not figured out how to get it deeper into the tissues but I think I have found out how to do the equivilant. A few weeks ago I bought a Rife machine from Wright Labratories. I used it a couble times and then I thought about how to make it work faster by running the power thruough my whole body at a higher level. I used it probably four days and then got too busy, but in a few days I started feeling really bad, my teeth got realy sensitive to hot and cold and hurt continously but especially one if it got hit right. I went to dentist and he said I had an infection on the root and prescribed an antibotic, and recomemded I not use sodium chrorite. Well I used soduum chlorite and four days later I am just about fine.

    Here is what I think happened. The Rife machine may in fact kill pathogens, I don’t know for sure but I am fairly sure it does not kill them all instantly, but it does make them uncomfortable enought to try get the hell out of Dodge. So they head for the nearest blood vessel and move to what they think is a better location. In my case it ended up I had an infection in my right sinus and teeth roots. I did not time my tharapy properly since I did not have a theroy of what was going on at the time, but now I could do really good using the two stratgeys together. The Rife machine is like the dogs on the bird hunt, it gets the prey into flight where it can be shot with the gun (Soduim Chlorite) unfourtunatly I was a little stupid this time I got out the dogs and got the birds in flight but did not shoot the big gun until hours later. Timing is important we need to get them in flight in the blood stream and then immediately hit them with MMS. I think I have already eliminated a whole bunch of little basturds that have been lurking around years just waiting for my immune system to have a low. I feel pretty good today so am not going to experiment for a while, but when I do use the Rife I will always immediatly follow with MMS.

  30. These are direct quotes from the OSHA website on sodium chlorite.

    “Two adults who ingested 250 ml of a 40 mg/l solution of chlorine dioxide experienced headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort, and lightheadedness within 5 minutes of ingestion. The symptoms disappeared within another 5 minutes” [NLM

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for emergency planning, reportable quantities of hazardous releases, community right-to-know, and hazardous waste management may change over time. Users are therefore advised to determine periodically whether new information is available.

    * Emergency planning requirements

    Chlorine dioxide is not subject to EPA emergency planning requirements under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) (Title III) in 42 USC 11022.

    Employers are not required by the emergency release notification provisions in 40 CFR Part 355.40 to notify the National Response Center of an accidental release of chlorine dioxide; there is no reportable quantity for this substance.
    Straight from OSHA so dont believe the scare tactics and lies the FDA is putting out.They are just worried that their profits will fall and that they wont be able to afford their million dollar homes and extravagent lifestyles anymore.
    Here is another study done on mice to see if MMS caused any type of carcenogenic tumors in them.Findeing state that NO IT DOES NOT.
    250ml is over 8oz of MMS if its 22-28 % mixture. I believe they were reffering to a 30% mixture. Nonetheless that is 2 full bottles of mms in one dose? and the symtpoms were gone in 5 minutes. The FDA is scared that this would eventually find its way into the hands of the public and they are desperately trying to place dangerous yet unwarranted labels on it in order to scare people from using it and throwing away most of their expensive medications.
    The carcinogenic activities of sodium chlorite in B6C3F1 mice were examined. Sodium chlorite was given at concentrations of 0 (control), 0.025% (low dose), or 0.05% (high dose) in the drinking water of 150 female and 150 male mice for 80 weeks, after which time the animals were returned to distilled water without sodium chlorite. All mice were sacrificed 85 weeks from the beginning of the experiment. The incidence of tumor-bearing animals was 32% (control), 34% (low dose), and 26% (high dose) in female mice, and 46% (control), 57% (low dose), and 53% (high dose) in male mice. The types and incidence of neoplasms that occurred frequently in each group of both sexes were similar to those observed spontaneously in B6C3F1 mice. The incidence of lymphomas/leukemias in the high dose group of females (2%), however, was lower than that in the control group (15%). Furthermore, the incidence of pulmonary adenomas in the high dose group of males (12%) was higher than that in the control group (0%), but neither dose-related increases in the adenoma incidences nor increased incidences of the adenocarcinomas were observed. These results indicated no clear evidence of a carcinogenic potential of sodium chlorite in B6C3F1 mice.

  31. MMS_saved_my_life says:

    OOPS I copied this in the wrong order in previous comment.

    These are direct quotes from the OSHA website on sodium chlorite.

    “Two adults who ingested 250 ml of a 40 mg/l solution of chlorine dioxide experienced headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort, and lightheadedness within 5 minutes of ingestion. The symptoms disappeared within another 5 minutes” [NLM

    250ml is over 8oz of MMS if its 22-28 % mixture. I believe they were reffering to a 30% mixture. Nonetheless that is 2 full bottles of mms in one dose? and the symtpoms were gone in 5 minutes. The FDA is scared that this would eventually find its way into the hands of the public and they are desperately trying to place dangerous yet unwarranted labels on it in order to scare people from using it and throwing away most of their expensive medications.


  32. I need advice from people drinking MMS for long time – one year minimum. Has someone observed adverse influence of MMS eg. a trigger of cancer or other sickneses.

    R. Tafel

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