This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a bottle of MMS with the premixed activator.

MMS Wholesale

This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a 20 bottle kit of MMS with the activator.

MMS 20 Pack

This is Jim Humble approved and based on his original formula.

This is a 20 bottle kit of MMS without the activator.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Review By A Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor John Humiston goes on the record,  and gives his Miracle Mineral Supplement review.  Is the Miracle Mineral Supplement, (Jim Humble MMS formula) really safe? Finding an informed Doctor these days can be difficult.  Especially one that will willing go against the big pharmaceutical companies.  And finding one that actually uses the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is […]

Miracle Mineral Supplement Back On The Market! (Jim Humble Miracle Mineral Solution)

UPDATE: Project Greenlife has since been raided again, this time much worse. For this reason, it’s necessary to get your MMS HERE.  Deliver-ability is not an issue with this company. Great news and a great statement! Miracle Mineral Supplement by Jim Humble is back!

Miracle Mineral Supplement (Jim Humble Miracle Mineral Solution) Product Recall Notice

I received this email today from PGL International, a distributor of MMS. The Miracle Mineral Supplement Product Recall Notice has been put into effect. I don’t know if this is temporary, or if this will be permanent, I do know that Jim has suspected for a long time that this was coming:

Miracle Mineral Supplement Scam

Something is “going on” in the MMS market that we would like to make our Resellers aware of.  If you Google “MMS” you will most likely see at the top of the Google Ads that someone is advertising an MMS-like product for $17.99.  If you click on that Google ad you may notice some interesting […]

Miracle Mineral Supplement – Natural Health Alternative

bac·te·ri·cide: –noun Pharmacology. any substance capable of killing bacteria. Anyone researching natural health or alternative medicine bactericide may be interested in the Miracle Mineral Supplement.  Bacteria is not bad for you across the board.  Your body needs it and uses it extensively.

Miracle Mineral Solution – Malaria Epidemics Africa

Of all the places affected by Malaria epidemics Africa has been the hardest hit. Rainfall is one of the major factors triggering epidemics in warm semi-arid and desert-fringe areas. Explosive epidemics often occur in these regions after excessive rains and, where these follow periods of drought and poor food security, can be especially severe.

Master Mineral Solution by Jim Humble

So is it the master mineral Solution or the Miracle Mineral Supplement? They are the same, just MMS for short. Because this was a grass roots discovery, meaning there was no government or campaign behind it different names have been used by different people. They all stem from the same man, Jim Humble (the founder). […]

Miracle Mineral Solution For Natural Water Treatment

Use of this miracle mineral solution threatened the powers that be. Soon it may not be available. It’s important to note that this is already EPA approved as a “water purifier”. That is the capacity that is is sold under. What men and women do with this product of their own free will, is their […]

Miracle Mineral Supplement, Is it the Answer?

The Miracle Mineral Supplement will clean your body from the inside out. Clean any pathogen or disease including viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites and proteins. By working with the immune system instead of for it or instead of it…